The Foundation of our Family

Our family has a strong foundation. We are best friends, soul mates and are very much in love. We met early in life, became best friends and quickly fell in love. We married after 2 years of dating, that was nearly 2o years ago! Through time our love has only grown stronger. Our marriage is loving, passionate and we support each other in every aspect of our lives.

"Everything for the Family" is the way we live our lives." Nothing is more important to us than our family and friends. There isn't anything we wouldn't do for those we love. We are 36 and 38 years of age. Together we've been blessed with four children, all boys, whom we love very much. We are raising them to be responsible, respectful young men. We are present parents in every way. We believe that with lots of love, support and encouragement children grow up to become the people they were intended to be. Children need nurture and guidance, along with parents who can provide for all their needs. One of the most important gifts you can give your children is the gift of your time and attention. We believe just like marriage parenting is a partnership.

Our marriage is important to us, we take time to nurture it on a regular basis. We enjoy regular 'date' nights out and enjoy eating out, going to hear live music and dancing. Our friends like to joke that you never see one of us without the other and that is true. We truly enjoy spending time with each other and wouldn't want it any other way. We believe that for a poly-marriage to work you need to have a strong foundation.

We are two soul mates looking for another soul mate with whom we can share our love & lives. One who will be a part of our marriage and family in every way. When the time is right we would like to have more children. We know we have enough love to share our lives with another spouse and look forward to having an amazing bond with another person. We are secure enough to know that more love will only add to our family it won't take away from it.

We are Christians, who believe in God. We are not swingers, we're not doing this on a whim or to spice up our marriage. For us this is about commitment. We have talked about this for a long time and believe this is the right time to begin our journey. As we set upon our path of looking for another soul mate this blog is a part of our journey.


  1. Perhaps you could answer a question for me and please excuse my ignorance. You indicated that you are Christian and have intention to practice polygamy. Are you Mormon? I was wondering if there are Christians that practice polygamy that are not mormon.

    It's interesting that you made it clear that you are not a "swinger." I never suspected anyone of practicing polygamy just to swing until someone brought it to my attention just the other day. I wonder if there are ordinary people out there with no religious connection who become polygamous just to "Swing." I'm just curious. I wouldn't imagine they'd go through the trouble of becoming polygamous; they'd just swing right? Who knows...

  2. We are not Mormon, there are many Christians who practice polygamy who are not Mormon.

    I'm sure your surprised to learn there are Christians who are not Mormon seeking polygamy and practicing polygamy. The sister-wives forum has polyfamilies from all walks of life. Including, Christians who aren't Mormon, as well as those that are. Muslim families are welcome as well and we have some Muslim members. The site even has poly families who are without faith the website is

    I don't believe people practice polygamy to swing, but I have heard of swingers who became polygamists. This can happen when swingers become attached to someone they have brought into the marriage to 'play'. Some of them continue to swing after doing so, some do not. For that reason, I wanted to clarify that we aren't this type of family. I'm not passing judgement on those that do, but that is not for us.

    I thought it was important to emphasize that we don't have an open marriage. As well as to write that we aren't looking for someone as just a 'play toy'. There are people who are looking for another wife to 'spice up' their marriage or to fix it. There are people who are seeking polygamy who aren't able to grasp the fact the person they are adding to the family is a real person, not just a toy. Some families seeking wives forget that the woman they are seeking is a real live person with hopes, wishes, dreams, wants and needs of their own. I don't want anyone to confuse us with this type of family.

    It's also important for people to know that my husband is faithful. He has never broken his vows, we belive fidelity in a marriage is important. When we are blessed with the right person and take new vows with our new spouse, we will be faithful to her as well.

    There are all kinds of families looking, some of whom give poly a bad name, I was just trying to clarify who we are and who we aren't.

    Hopefully I've done that, but I welcome questions any time. Thanks for asking!

    Your always welcome to comment or ask questions.

  3. Thank you Big Love Over Logic for explaining everything to me so precisely. My eyes are wide opened now and I thank you.

    I was totally surprised by what you informed me. I was so narrow minded to think the only poly families were Mormons or Muslims.

    I think you are going to educate many, many people about your beautiful way of life, and help many by just answering questions like the one that I just asked. So many times people make assumptions without taking the time to research the truth. I'm guilty of that.

    I thank you much for taking the time to expound on it all in so much detail and make it so clear to me.

    I appreciate your warm welcome, and will continue to visit with you. I'm so excited and happy about your preparation for adding a new sister-wife to your family and your future together. It makes me smile.

  4. I'm looking for the void in your marriage...I don't see one from what you have described. As someone who is living in polygamy I can tell you outright that your life will change dramatically once you find that person you want to add to your marriage. If you are willing to risk change then go for it! Everything will be different, your date nights, your family nights, your sex life, your trips to the supermarket, everything. Some things for the better, somethings you may not like as much.

  5. Yes, I'm fully aware that everything will change. We talk about it all the time... I don't have blinders, it's something we both are going into with our eyes wide open.

    It also means that we are going to take our time, we are not in a rush. Finding the right person is not easy.... We both know that, which is another reason why this is a joint decision. We do everything together, so finding the right person to share our lives with our new spouse is something we are doing together.

    We've talked about this for a really long time. We've had a poly family live across the street from us. I know it's not the same as living poly. We aren't jumping into this without careful thought is the point I'm trying to make...

    Yes, I know that even when you think you know someone fully it's a risk. It was a risk when we married each other too.

    Everything in life is a risk, you have to take risks in order to grow...

    I don't have a void in my marriage... that isn't why we are doing this.. It's something completely different. People with voids in their marriage should fix their marriage, being poly won't fix a marriage.