Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day to all my Mom friends! I love being a Mother, some say it's a thankless job, but I do not agree. My family lets me know they appreciate me and love me daily. I know that I'm fortunate and I thank God that he blessed me with my family.

Scott woke up, he brought breakfast up to bed and we spent time together before the boys were up! We let them sleep late, so it was nice to have the alone time together. Yes, Mothers Day can be romantic!!! I loved my cards, the boys cards are almost always funny, which I love since I know they put the time into it to pick them out. The card from Scott was funny this year, but what he wrote on it was romantic and from the heart. It was the best of both worlds! I was pleased with all the gifts! The boys wrapped their gifts themselves, even picked out their own wrapping paper. It's interesting to see what kind of wrapping paper each of them picks on their own. It gives you a window into their own style. They even had bows to match, their wrapping skills have come a long way over the years, I was impressed. While I loved what the boys picked out. My favorite gifts were from Scott, I love Philosophy!!!! He remembered that I wanted Pure Grace, so he gave me the fragrance and body lotion! He is tricky! He always tapes like crazy and makes you work to get into your presents! I thought I was going to have it easy when I saw the gift bag, but he had wrapped them before putting them in the gift bag!! He also gave me the Coconut frosting shower gel as well. (What I love about Philosophy is that its actually shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath. Makes your hair smell SO good! If you haven't tried it, you are missing out!) I was thrilled. Yes, I could buy those things for myself if I wanted, but there is something special about getting them as gifts.

I took a LONG afternoon nap, which was great. I had a horrific migraine yesterday, it ran into the wee hours of the morning. Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep last night. So, one of the best things about today was that the migraine let up so I could truly enjoy Mothers Day, Praise God for that!!!

We even made some plans for next year, we plan on having a Mothers Day brunch at our house. We will be more than settled in the new house and living close to part of my family. Instead of sending flowers, we can give them in person! Creating new traditions in our new home.

Mothers Day to me isn't just about the gifts, it's about being with the family. I love being appreciated of course, who doesn't? It's nice to have a day dedicated just to thanking you for being a great Mom. I'm fortunate that I have a family that thanks me everyday. I feel loved, not just today, but everyday and that is important!

*The photo is from the internet and not one we took.

Plans for this Summer!

Our biggest plan is to finally move! I still haven't found a house that I like near as much as the one I liked last year. I thought we came close to it and then found out that there were power lines not that far from it. We will not move near major power lines. Even if being around all that EMF wasn't bad for you (I find that hard to believe). If you buy a home near major power lines it would only take just ONE major credible study saying they cause cancer and your property value would plummet! No thank you!

A bit of good news for us, is that it turns out the people who bought our favorite house are going to be putting it back on the market. Our agent is now talking to their previous agent. We are hoping to make an offer before they put it on the market formally. Keep your fingers crossed, because it's a wonderful house! And like I said, we haven't found one that compares to it.

We are going to CA this month to go see family, it will also be a a great family vacation. I love Southern CA, but wouldn't want to live in OC anymore. However, I do like to visit! We will be hitting the beach of course, the boys love to boogie board. Of course, we all wish we were going to Hawaii again, but not this year. Although the boys keep asking WHEN we are going going back! Scott's brother wanted us to go to Lake Tahoe with him, but I just can't see us fitting it in this summer. He wanted to go on vacation with all of us, since we had such a good time last year. Scott's parents have rented a condo for 2 weeks this summer as they go back to Hawaii any chance they get. Scott's brother made a joke about everyone dropping in on them! I am sure they would not like us trying to fit into a condo with them, it was so great to have such a large beach house last year. We will be seeing a lot of family while we are in CA, which will be great. We can fit in all our goodbyes! We do plan on going home to CA once in awhile after the move. I'm sure they will come visit us as well, even though they keep fussing about us moving to the mid-west! Family IS important to us! They can drive you crazy sometimes, but we love them! In addition, we have some friends we want to fit in seeing, when we go home we try to see them if possible.

We had family photos taken last year on vacation. The boys actually enjoyed our photo session on the beach. We have thought about finding a photographer to take them here in Arizona before the move. Not that we don't have photos we've taken all over the place... But it's nice to have someone else take them for a change. We are going to have to decide quickly though, because it's heating up here! I really just do not want to be out having our pictures taken in the desert when it's 115! I will say our weather here is better this year than usual, which is really nice.

A trip to Vegas! I love Vegas, even as a child I loved going to Vegas. We have some family there and some friends from when Scott was in the Air Force. We want to try and make a quick trip. There is some talk that some of Scott's siblings will join us in Vegas, we will see.

We also plan on doing something with friends here before we leave, some sort of party. Saying goodbye to friends does make me sad. Although, I remind myself I will be meeting new people and making new friends. Maybe we will even find our second wife among our new friends! You never know what is on the horizon!

(Scott took the photo on this blog this winter.)

Where we are today...

Wow, it's been awhile since I've written. Life just gets busy, we are still in Arizona. We delayed our plans for a little while, but will be moving before this summer is over. I'm excited about the move, as is the rest of our family. We have a couple of houses we have our eye on, hoping some more pop up now that the weather is warming, it's exciting. In the meantime, we've done a ton to our house that we will be putting up for rent. We put in new floors in the bathrooms, they are gorgeous! And all of the tile work is done downstairs, I love how the herringbone with insert pattern turned out, Hubby did an amazing job! All is done with the exception of the laundry room.

We haven't done a lot in looking for a sister-wife. We haven't changed our minds, we have never re-considered, it is still our hope and prayer that we will find the right person for our family. For the most part we are just waiting until after the move before doing some more serious looking.

Week before last we had a fabulous weekend in Scottsdale without the kids. It was a lot of fun. We went to the Culinary Festival, met up with friends and then ended up at our favorite nightspot. Then slept in! We plan on coming back to AZ for getaways after the move, perhaps someday we will be doing that with a sisterwife! Family is everything, but it's VERY important to have time as a couple.

So, that is where we are at the moment, we just have put things in God's hands and see where we go from here. In the meantime, we are just enjoying our friends here in Arizona before the move. I'm glad we've had more time with them than we planned. So, in the end it all worked out.

I'm posting one of our pictures from when we were in Hawaii! I'm not going to keep it up forever. I have to saw one of the biggest reasons I stayed away for awhile were some threatening emails. However, I've decided I will no longer retreat because some ignorant person wants to try to control my life and my actions by making threats!