What do you think?

So, I've changed the look of the blog! What do you think? I love the colors and so does Scott. It wasn't exactly what I was looking for, but I fell in love with it.

Isn't that sometimes like life? You are looking for something or even someone, but just when you are sure of what your looking for life throws something at you. Wham, you find yourself head over heels with something or someone you didn't expect, but are absolutely happy and turns out that was what you needed all along.

Sometimes, I think people are so set in what they think they want in their future relationship and are too closed off. They don't open themselves up to the possibility that maybe some of their deal breakers are keeping them from the right person. I think it happens in poly relationships and in mono ones as well.

Why not just get to know someone and see where it leads, you could find out that those deal breakers, weren't quite so important after all. We all grow and change through life. None of us stay the same. If we close ourselves of from the what if, what do we miss?!? Could be quite a lot!

Just a thought, let me know what you think!

The picture of the beach heart is not mine.

Things are heating up!

In Arizona that is! Our weather is getting warmer and it feels like Winter is over. We've had the windows open more this year than a lot of years. Its been great. The past winters we went from heat to a/c or from a/c to heat, with little time in between with the windows open. I LOVE having the windows open.

I haven't been on here in quite awhile, my usage of the blog has been quite sporadic for quite awhile. We had a lot going on with the family and I was tired all the time.

Well, it turned out I had a major health issue, 3 large tumors to be exact. I've had surgery and by the grace of God and to the surprise of the Mayo clinic the tumors were benign. But this whole health issue did take a tole on me to be sure. I have an amazing family, I have an amazing husband. Who said, I don't care what the cost, just find out what is wrong and help her. I'm so fortunate to be so blessed. There were times when the whole thing was quite scary, my family and especially my husband was there for me all the way. When I was scared, when I was in pain, when the Doctors were sure I had cancer. When I was in ICU after surgery. I may have one less ovary and am glad to have the tumors out of my body. But going through it all made us stronger than ever.

I'm getting my strength back, still have some other things to get straightened out health wise. But my family is behind me and I am cancer free. That is an amazing feeling. I'll talk more about this in posts to come, but for right now that is all!