Where we are today...

Wow, it's been awhile since I've written. Life just gets busy, we are still in Arizona. We delayed our plans for a little while, but will be moving before this summer is over. I'm excited about the move, as is the rest of our family. We have a couple of houses we have our eye on, hoping some more pop up now that the weather is warming, it's exciting. In the meantime, we've done a ton to our house that we will be putting up for rent. We put in new floors in the bathrooms, they are gorgeous! And all of the tile work is done downstairs, I love how the herringbone with insert pattern turned out, Hubby did an amazing job! All is done with the exception of the laundry room.

We haven't done a lot in looking for a sister-wife. We haven't changed our minds, we have never re-considered, it is still our hope and prayer that we will find the right person for our family. For the most part we are just waiting until after the move before doing some more serious looking.

Week before last we had a fabulous weekend in Scottsdale without the kids. It was a lot of fun. We went to the Culinary Festival, met up with friends and then ended up at our favorite nightspot. Then slept in! We plan on coming back to AZ for getaways after the move, perhaps someday we will be doing that with a sisterwife! Family is everything, but it's VERY important to have time as a couple.

So, that is where we are at the moment, we just have put things in God's hands and see where we go from here. In the meantime, we are just enjoying our friends here in Arizona before the move. I'm glad we've had more time with them than we planned. So, in the end it all worked out.

I'm posting one of our pictures from when we were in Hawaii! I'm not going to keep it up forever. I have to saw one of the biggest reasons I stayed away for awhile were some threatening emails. However, I've decided I will no longer retreat because some ignorant person wants to try to control my life and my actions by making threats!