Telling a Close Friend

Tonight, we told a very close friend about our "J", the special lady we are courting. This friend means a lot to our family, she may live on the other side of the town, but we both cherish her friendship. It went better than I could have ever expected. Turns out, she is already friends with a polygamous wife! Sheeesh, guess she keeps really good secrets :) Our friend is excited for us! She was thrilled right off the bat, even before she asked questions! She said, our marriage is the strongest she knows and thinks its wonderful. She can't wait to meet J when she comes for the visit, without a doubt she is thrilled for us. I'm so glad we decided she would be the first local friend we told, we had decided a bit ago she would be. But, I had wanted to tell her in person, I thought that would be better. I'm so glad we didn't wait, because now we have a close friend who supports us, is excited for us and loves us regardless.

I wish I could call J and tell her, but she's spending the night at a friend's house tonight! J and the little one will be at Sesame Place tomorrow. Wish we were going with them! When they get back, our package of presents should be waiting for them :) Yes, we have her real address now. I know I haven't blogged much, I need to do better about that! I will say that things are going very well. Its amazing how we are nearing our 2 month Anniversary and it seems like we have been together longer, that she was meant to be with us. And that we were meant to be with her and her child. Can't thank the Lord enough for bringing J and her son to us!