Courting a Sisterwife...

Would be so much easier if she didn't live SO far.... :( 
Is it possible to miss someone you haven't yet met? You betcha! It would be so much easier if we could just go out on regular dates and have her over for dinner... I'm not going to get discouraged though, I'm not going to let it bother me.... Because we are SO happy to be so blessed that she found us.  Thank you Lord, because in our hearts, Scott and I know she was Heaven sent!

Someone Special....

Someone special has come into our lives, or should I say two special people. Because this someone special has an adorable child! I'm excited, I'm elated and this person puts a huge smile on my face when my phone buzzes. Its been a crazy few weeks, our oldest came home from University and its the shortest visit yet. So, we packed in a lot of family fun in a short period of time. We had a great time, but I'm a bit tired. I've been meaning to write for some time, in fact I have a few posts I do need to publish, that are sitting waiting. This one gets to jump to the head of the line.

This special person found us, we did not find her. She stumbled across my blog and read all the posts, she got to know us through the blogs before we even knew she was there. She's never commented on any of the posts and as you know I haven't been posting much anyway. We had put our search on the back burner while we went through my health crisis, which thanks to the Lord above we got through and are back to just being "us".

As I was saying, this special lady found us, she wrote us and her mail was returned. Why? I have no clue... But she still wrote us again, as Scott recently said, Who does that?!? I can tell you for the most part if mail is returned, that is it if I think I have the address correct. I'm so glad she wrote us again, in fact I'm thrilled she wrote us again. I loved the look on my husband's face when he saw her picture, I love how he said, We're going to write this one, right?!? It was adorable. I'm so glad we wrote her. I don't know where life will lead us or what God has in store. But I do know that this feels different than anyone we've ever talked to. I feel like we already know her and we have so much in common. Now, I'm not looking for some carbon copy of me. If she has other interests, that is great. It is nice to have things in common though. She doesn't have to look at the world through my eyes, I can celebrate differences as much as I can things we have in common.

Her son is just so handsome, you can tell he is smart. We've seen video and he is just so cute. He reminds me a lot of our second son. You can just tell he is thinking. He is also so sweet. There is one video where he tries to share his ice cream with his Mother, its just so touching. I love to hear about him, what they are doing, going to the park, etc. She is a wonderful Mother, you can tell he is her whole world and her priority. She feels the same way about him as we do about the boys. There is NOTHING more important than our children and our family. Finding someone who feels that way has been our priority. He deserves the best, he deserves a great family and so does she. The fact that she is looking for a family, not just a husband, well that I fully believe. Not because I want to believe it, but you can tell that she means it.

Its interesting that when you find someone who you feel a special bond with, its interesting that things you never thought you could find yourself thinking or doing...Well, I just have to say that sometimes you surprise yourself. Now, I'm never going to say what this is, but there was something that a month ago I would have thought it would be a deal breaker. That said, I would like to say the content of her character has already been proven, because of that and some prayer along with some education on our part. This deal breaker is not a deal breaker at all, now it might be with someone else, but not with her. Now our reaction; surprised Scott some, it surprised me a bit and it surprised her as well. God works that way, he helps you through things and helps you grow in ways you never thought possible. This time he did it rather quickly, we prayed and I can tell you I have never felt such an immediate  answer to my prayer in all my life. I felt as if he had tapped me on the shoulder and showed me the way. Even filling my head with words that made perfect sense to the situation. Words I didn't have earlier before the prayer. Scott had the same experience and it took us both by surprise. I do believe God is taking the lead, I'm going to trust Him. The past is the past, the only thing that matters is where we go from here.

Now, the only sense of frustration I have found so far is that I wish we lived closer. I want to just make a date and go out to dinner. I want to go to the movies or go to the park with her. Its frustrating and this is only the beginning! I know that we are just getting to know each other and there will be visits. But right now, I just wish we could get the two of them together with our family. I want to do things together! The fact that we can't at the moment.... Well, it is bothering me more than I would have ever imagined. We are new to this long distance thing... Its a new stage for all of us. She's new to all this too. So, we are going down this journey together and we will see where we end up. Let's hope with God's help, we might just end up a family.  
I must admit, I'm a little scared. Anyone who knows me well knows I wear my heart on my sleeve. Its something I can't change, its who I am, I don't think I want to change it. It does mean, that I am easily hurt. I know that in order to open up your heart to someone there is a chance you could get hurt. I'll take that chance, because if you don't take that chance you might miss out on something special or someone special. She thinks that this is what she wants, I hope it is, but she's new to all this and hasn't been looking for a family for very long. That scares me a bit. I also hope that our strong feelings off the bat don't scare her. I can say that when Scott and I started dating, he had this feeling right away that I was the one. It scared me a bit, even though I knew he wasn't in a hurry and he wasn't expecting anything immediate. It still scared me. He has always been able to pick things up with feelings, he's often right about them.  I'm so glad it didn't scare me off though, because I would have missed out on so much. I wouldn't change spending my life with Scott for anything or everything in the whole wide world. What we have is precious and priceless in my opinion. I hope that we can share that with her. I think she's special and she deserves to be happy. She deserves to be supported in what she wants out of life and so does her son. The both deserves a loving family.

When I started this blog, I asked God to send us the right person for our family. Scott and I have prayed that I can't tell you how many times. Just when you least expect it, sometimes God answers your prayers. At the very least, we can end up friends. But I can say whole heartily that I hope it ends up something far more than a friendship. One thing we did ask God, is to recognize when God sent us the right person, I think we've done that. Let's hope that when we find that right person, she's able to recognize that we're the right family for her.

Now, we're not in a rush. We are going to take our times and get this right. We're just going to get to know each other, see how the pieces fall in place and where God leads us. No matter what, I'm glad we've met someone special.