Right now, I feel we are just stuck in limbo... There isn't anything going on, other than we are happy when we get to communicate with J. We hate not talking to her more like we use to... It wasn't that long ago that we were talking non stop. I can still remember the feeling that we had known her for so much longer than we have... And when she and I both talked of smiling so much our faces hurt. Its a feeling I've only felt one other time, that was with Scott.  I love Scott's face when he sees a newer picture of her, he just lights up. I know he misses her so much, he is feeling really frustrated. She is also going through a tough time due to the deadbeat Dad situation. Its getting harder for her with all of that. That is frustrating for Scott as well, he could fix that problem, someday if she is with us.... She won't ever have to worry about the Deadbeat Dad ever again. And her son's little prayers for a Dad who cares would come true. Limbo, sucks!  Its all just heartbreaking... But at least we still have contact with each other.. Is it wrong to want more? I know she can't come here, but I wish we could just meet up without worrying about her being effected by reprisal by her family. 

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