Hard to Believe

Its hard to believe its been 10 years since 9-11-01. Doesn't seem like it... I just like everyone else remember exactly what I was doing that day. I remember we switched on the news that morning while I was getting ready for work and just as we did, the 2nd plane went into the World Trade Center. It was such a shock...

Today, we will be remembering not just those who died that fateful day, but also their families. The first responders who rushed in when others rushed out, only to die themselves trying to help others. As well as our military who have paid the ultimate sacrifice trying to keep us safe and their families as well. God bless them. 

It angers me that there was "no room" according to Bloomberg for the First Responders. How can he be so disrespectful? Any politician who was worth anything would give up their seat to our first responders, they earned their right to be at the 9-11 Memorial Service.  How dare they not plan for them to be there? They had how many years to do it? It also angers me deeply that God seems to have been forgotten at this service. I never thought prayer would be banned from a Memorial Service in America. It is freedom of Religion not freedom FROM Religion. There are how American people who don't even realize that the phrase "separation of church and state do NOT exist in the Constitution or Bill of Rights?!? That phrase was used in a letter by Thomas Jefferson and has been taken out of context at best. 

We will be praying tomorrow while we watch the Memorial Service on TV, they are unable to stop National Prayer thank God. I hope that many more Americans will join in prayer as well. Our children know the true meaning of 9-11, they know who attacked us and why. They know it was evil that attacked us that day, that its important to be awake in the world and not go to sleep what is going on 1/2 a world away. It can effect you, even if you don't think it does... It was a wake up call for so many Americans. Many have gone back to sleep, a sad fact. Many don't think about those on the other side of the world fighting to keep them safe even today. Nor do many of them remember our military, veterans or their families. Or even those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for their continued freedom and safety. History books have already started white washing some of what happened just ten years ago. Too many don't want to say it was radical Muslim extremists that attacked us that day. They deny that their goal is to take down American and make us an Caliphate even though they state their objectives clearly and in the open. That is scary, because before 9-11 these same people were at war with us before we would even acknowledge that fact. The 9-11 report is clear on that fact, so how can some already go back to sleep? Its important to teach our children not to be afraid, but to stand proudly as Americans. Watchful yet vigilant. (Of course, its important to take what is appropriate for the child's age into consideration as well. Obviously a young child should not be given information they are not yet ready to process or handle.)

I hope to see many flags flying in our neighborhood. Our flag will be flying, just as soon as the sun is up here in AZ. We will fly it proudly and we will NEVER forget. 

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