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Other than that there is not much going on. We were praying for J and her son, this was his first week of preschool. All went well I'm happy to report. I miss talking as much as we used to and when our oldest talks about how he skype's every night with his long distance love. I'm thrilled for him because I love the girl, but I wish we did that with J. 

 I'm finally over my cold. I'm still tired, but glad to be well again. I have a lot of projects I want to get at, especially decorating the house for Halloween/fall. Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. Fall is here, even though its still pretty hot here in AZ. I'm going to try and decorate the house so that it at least feels like fall in the A/C. :)We have tickets to Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland and are looking forward to doing Disneyland on two separate days. It is going to be a lot of fun. I'm already planning my pirate costume. :) Dressed like a Pirate while riding   Pirates of the Caribbean, how cool is that? Plus it will be good to see Scott's Dad, he has cancer and is having surgery this month. We are praying for him. 

Hunting season has opened for Dove and the boys had a good time with Scott going out in the early morning. I'm also looking forward to bacon wrapped squab wings when we have it for dinner. Scott is a fabulous cook, for a long time I didn't eat squab, that was a view that was respected. A few years ago, I tried it because the boys would not stop raving about it. I'm glad I did. I like that they go hunting early in the AM and are back by the time I am getting up. Plus, they usually bring me breakfast. Have to love that!

Scott ordered me a new serger, I'm excited. I have a bunch of sewing projects in mind. I was ready for something to get me going again and this will do it for sure. On top of that he and the boys are currently redoing a fabulous vintage sewing desk for me. It has storage and is awesome! Yes, I'm spoiled and I know it.  We got it for a steal, but they have put a ton of work into it to get it stripped, fixing the doors and getting it ready for me. Especially in the AZ heat! Its going to be wonderful once its done! I love vintage! 

The Anniversary of 9/11 looms. As I'm sure you are all aware. We will be hanging our flag, I hope that you will be putting one out as well. Its so important to honor all of those we lost that day, including the first responders who rushed in while others rushed out. And of course those who have given their lives in the war on terror, who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. I'm especially praying for a friend who is a Gold Star Widow. She is already having a tough time and 9/11 is always especially hard for her. Her husband who was an Army Ranger, was a true American hero. We will NEVER forget. 

I'm still upset the first responders who survived were not invited to the 9/11 Memorial event. That to me is such a slap in the face. Bloomberg said there wasn't room... What a JOKE! If he was a Gentleman he would give up his seat to a first responder. How could there not be room for the first responders who are ill because of 9/11. They are victims that should be honored as well. If I was a reporter I would be doing ambush interviews and asking these politicians why they won't give up their seat to our heroes of 9/11?!? Shameful.... 

Okay, off my soapbox....

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