Timing, Faith & an Affirmation!

With J "thinking" about things, after so much pressure from her family. We continue to be patient, we would NEVER put any pressure on her. That is not how our family works, from the beginning we've said we will take it in her time. In God's time. 

Scott's been doing a lot of praying, he told me he keeps asking in his heart if "J" and her son belong with our family. After all, its natural for doubt to creep in. But his answer has continually been that he feels she is meant to be with us. That was just reaffirmed by a close friend who has never been wrong about anything before. Let's just say she has "a gift". And knew when Melissa would go, she knew things about Melissa that only Melissa and I would know. She has always been right about everything, she has an amazing gift. 

This friend said that Scott's Grandfather recently came to her. She even knew the "special" name, Scott called his Grandpa. Something we have never discussed with her before.  She said that, his Grandfather was a very private, but strong personality. And that is the darn truth. She also knew things about him she couldn't have known. At any rate, to get to the point....

She said, Scott's Grandfather said Scott had been asking a question a lot lately from the his soul. She didn't know what the question was, Scott's Grandfather wouldn't say. He told her, if Scott wanted her to know, Scott would tell her. Again, very like Scott's Grandfather. He said, he wanted to give Scott the answer to the question.

He said, "Search the very depths of your heart you know the answer is yes. The obstacles in the way now will pass."

All, I can say is Wow! If that wasn't a sign I don't know what is... 

Like I said, she's never been wrong before. Including in recent weeks knowing about one of son's friend passing and warning us that it was suicide before the family shared that. She also was worried about our son's girlfriends family, as she knew they were going to have a difficult week and were in need of prayer. She was right about that, without any way of knowing... They are mourning the death of a friend's husband. 

When our oldest was dating a girl I was worried about, she told me not to worry. She gave me the approximate time they would break up and she was right. When I was worried they would get back together, she told me that wouldn't happen. She also told me that I would be very happy with his new girlfriend and that she is the one. She was right about that as well. In fact, we are thrilled. 

Only time will tell if she is right about this, we can only hope and leave it in God's hands. It also is in "J"'s hands. She has to decide what she wants for her future, not just for her but if she wants her son to be a part of this family as well. God does give us blessings, but we have to decide if we are going to be a part of the blessings he offers us, or if we are going to decide that it isn't worth whatever obstacles are in the way. Nothing that is worthwhile ever comes easily. I can honestly say, that God never promises us that our journeys will be easy, even those paths he wants us to follow are never easy. But that doesn't mean he doesn't want us to follow that path. Does it? No, the Bible tells us our paths will not be easy, but the reward is worth the journey. I believe that in my whole heart.

We will just be patient and wait for God's timing... 

We are thankful that J and her son were brought safely through the Hurricane. Our prayers were answered about that. What a relief! We are now praying for those who weren't so lucky. It's amazing how much devastation water can do! And so many are without power even now!  

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