Prayers for J & her son, along with all those in the path of Hurricane Irene

We are praying for all those in the path of hurricane Irene, we have friends all along the path. But we are most worried about J and her son. They live in a basement apartment, so with winds they should be safe. What worries us the most is the water. The storm surge that is expected is what we are most worried about. 

We feel pretty helpless to help them. I wish we could just get them out of the way of this storm. I'm glad she has family there, but they don't seem to be taking it that seriously. Which is a worry. All we can do is pray. When we lived in VA, we got out of the way of these things, no property or possession in life is ever worth your taking a chance. As soon as Scott was done with the base getting the jets evacuated, we would leave too. I did go through one hurricane, when Scott was deployed. That was scary, but nothing compared to this storm. People are what matter. Right now, that is what we are worried about. J and her son, who can't get out of the way of this storm. She's at the mercy of her family, just as she is with our relationship. But this is different, all we can do is watch, wait and pray. I wish we could have just flown them here. And not just because we want her with us, but because we want her out of the way of this storm.

Scott is especially worried and even the boys keep asking is she is prepared and ready. Gavin asks about them all the time already. 

We always keep; water, food, flashlights and candles on hand. I wish there were time to get it all to J and her son. Especially, since all those things are sold out there. 

God be with all in the path of this storm. 

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