Memorial Day Thoughts

This is off blog topic in a way, but then again it is not. After all, this blog is about choosing to live our lives the way we would like to live them. It's a freedom we truly believe in. Worshiping God in our own way and living our lives in the way we choose are principles to which we firmly believe. That freedom is part our American heritage, part of principles to which our country is founded.

As Memorial Day comes to a close, I would like to share some thoughts.

Memorial Day is meant to honor our service men and women who have given their very lives in service to our country. It is a proud tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve the freedom to which we enjoy today. It is not Veterans Day and it is not Armed Forces Day.

It believe it is important that we recognize the difference. Today, the cable channel AMC chose to show videos of soldiers coming home from Afghanistan and Iraq re-uniting with family and friends. They played these videos in between showing war movies. I believe while this was well meaning, it was in poor taste.

You see, today is meant to honor those who never came home. It is dedicated to those who never got a happy reunion. Memorial Day is a sacred day for remembering those who have given their very lives. We owe it to those who have given the ultimate sacrifice to remember the true purpose of Memorial Day. The cost of freedom is high, the cost to preserve our freedom continues to come at a heavy price. We have a debt, which we can never pay back, to those who have paid for our freedom with their very lives. The very least we can do is to keep this day a special tribute that belongs only to them. We owe it to their family: the widows/widower, their children and other family members to remember those who never came home. Who will never be reunited, including those who rest on foreign soil. We must not forget those who have paid the ultimate price, their very lives.

That is not to say that I don't believe in honoring our Veterans, or those who are currently serving in uniform and their families. That would be far from the truth. As a wife, who has watched her husband go off to war, believe me when I say firmly respect our Veterans and Service Members. I know the sacrifices our Veterans and Military Families have made and continue to make so that we can preserve freedom. I can proudly say that members of my family have served in every war since the American Revolution. I have family members serving in harms way even as I write this. I truly believe that our military Veterans, along with current Service Men, Women and their families give up more than most citizens will ever truly understand. But today is meant for those who have given their very lives and we ought to remember that today is dedicated solely to them.

We need to preserve the true meaning of Memorial Day, the true cost of freedom is high and those who have given all deserve to keep this day sacred.


  1. Good Blog! It touches my heart deeply to see someone honor the service men and woman! God Bless!

    In Love

  2. Great blog! Thanks for sharing :)